Pre-production of TV series “The Assistant” has started

The creators of TV series “The Assistant” are directors Alise Zariņa and Liene Linde who along with Anete Konste are also the scriptwriters.

The main character of the story is 25-year-old Laila who decides to do social work,
and believes that she can change the world, but it turns out that the world doesn’t really want to change.

TV series “The Assistant” offers to the audience a modern and bright comedy, act of family relationships in a witty manner as well as in emotionally more serious tones.

One of the aims of the project “The Assistant” is actualising and discussing topics
that are important for the society but that have often been marginalised in the public space in a language of characters (feature films) that has so far been used rarely, thus making it possible for the problems discussed in the series to reach a wider audience and to evoke empathy and more personal experience than what is possible through research or journalism. While avoiding stereotypes, we want to show different destinies, different situations of crisis, injustices, and challenges that anyone can come across.

Projektu līdzfinansē REACT-EU finansējums pandēmijas krīzes seku mazināšanai

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