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An insecure millennial woman pursues her dream whilst learning how to adult.
While being preoccupied with life tasks at hand she can barely handle and also severe depression, main character of this film Marta (30) keeps dreaming about making films, drawn to the healing power of storytelling, but not having the courage to act these dreams out; sometimes she is too scared to even pick up the phone. Marta’s life seems to sway both in comic and tragic directions: it’s sometimes a mix of ultimate freedom, sex, drugs, friendship, laughter, alcohol, lots of alcohol, music, honesty and love, and sometimes the reality Marta avoids to face becomes so brutal she can’t take it anymore. Through the course of the film Marta learns there is an unavoidable question that at some point becomes inevitable for almost every filmmaker: if you really want to direct films, can you first direct yourself out of depression?


Inga Tropa

Gatis Ungurs

Kaspars Beķeris

Baiba Broka

Iveta Pole

Ivars Krasts


Liene Linde

Writter & Director

Dāvids Smiltiņš

Director of Photography

Ieva Kauliņa

Set Designer

Liene Dobrāja

Costume Designer

Ilona Zariņa

Make-up Artist

Ieva Veiveryte


Guntis Trekteris


Ieva Norviliene

Co-Producer, Tremora (LT)