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The Covid-19 pandemic, gradual alienation from fellow human beings and the growing fear of his own death makes the author to go on a research trip to see if there is an opportunity to prolong his life scientifically.

That is the starting point of the existential yet hysterical journey to uncover the business of eternal life in the world of today. In his journey, author who desperately holds to his life, approaches various people, projects and experiments that promise to escape death and live infinitely or at least for much longer than nature has planned. His journey reveals giant refrigerators in a village near Moscow where 67 frozen corpses of Kriorus company are held to be de-frozen sometimes in the next few hundred years or Nectome lab in the US that pumps out human brains to upload them into a supercomputer (a “100% fatal” service). While meeting characters who range from crazy futurologists to crafty “death” businessmen, author realises that his role as investigator becomes his personal obsession.

There is one ultimate question that remains to be solved – the choice between two incompatible worldviews. First – the idea of the world of technology and modern innovations that makes us dream of becoming immortal or second – the revelation of the overpopulated world, climate change and self-destructive sentiments, in which the concept of immortality becomes meaningless.

Balancing between existential road movie and humorous science fiction, Death of Death will remind us of modern man’s cravings not to give up this world for future generations, but to become its undying super-human.


Dāvis Sīmanis

Director & Writer

Uldis Tīrons


Andrejs Rudzāts

Director of Photography

Guntis Trekteris